What is Hair Analysis, and what does it reveal?

Hair analysis is a lab conducted analysis of a sample of your hair. The results show what minerals are in excess and what minerals are deficient. This is an indication of what is going on in the body. Toxic metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum can be detected in the hair as well as other minerals. A deficiency or too much of a mineral can explain certain ailments like depression, hypertension, arthritis, fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches. The procedure takes about 5 minutes. You come into the office and we cut a small amount of hair close to the neck line. It is important that your hair has not been dyed in the last two weeks and that you have showered recently.

The sample is then sent into the lab and after about two weeks a personal book comes to the clinic and we sit down and go over the results with you. The book consists of your levels and explains what organs may be stressed in your body as a result of your levels. You get to keep the book for your records. You can then change your diet or take supplements to correct the levels and improve your health. After some time you can have a second analysis to compare to your first analysis to see what changes have been made.

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